My #12BeersOfXmas – #1 Redbreast by Jennings


(12 Beery Apostles – Saints or Sinners?)



#1 Redbreast by Jennings Brewery (Marstons)

Let’s get the positives out of the way……. Well that was quick!

This is a brown beer with a white head and the faintest of fruit cakey aromas. Described as a “Dark Chestnut Winter Beer”. In the mouth it is fairly thin, with the faintest of fruity traces, not much spice (if any) some burnt caramel and a slightly bitter-sweet finish with a vague fruity aftertaste which quickly vanishes, leaving a coating of thin caramel.

This tastes like a Xmas “toss off”. One of those beers that a big brewer makes just because “ITS CHRISSSSSSMAAAAS”. It’s probably an adapted Jennings Bitter with more alcohol that has strayed within 1/2 mile of a fruit cake. It’s not offensive “per se”, but it offends my taste buds. I will finish it, because I like my drains too much to pollute them. I’m sure it has its fans, but I sure am not one of them. Had you guessed? It’s a SINNER!

I feel like using that scarf around the Robin in the picture to throttle the little bastard! And if anybody sees me reach for one of these again, please impale me!

On that note…’til next time (in about 2 hours!)


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