My#12 Beers of Xmas – #2 Old Engine Oil by Harviestoun Brewery


(12 Beery Apostles – Saints or Sinners?)



#2 Old Engine Oil by Harviestoun Brewery (Porter – 6% abv)

I need to declare a modicum of bias. I hate Xmas beers. Beers that are brewed “especially” for this period are generally speaking, shite! The majority of UK brewers are capable of producing MUCH better beers, fortunately, most do. This is an example.

Old Engine Oil is the base beer from which their barrel aged beers – the Ola Dubh range – are derived. To become Ola Dubh, the beer is aged in varying ages of Highland Park whisky barrels. That said, Old Engine Oil is a great beer in its own right.

Black as a Stout with a light tan head, the initial aroma is of buttered burnt toast, dusty dirty dark chocolate and burnt sugars. In the mouth, those characteristics also come through in a full-bodied creamy, slightly viscous mouthful, dark and delicious with an additional sweet coffee note and a touch of port. This is a George Clooney of a beer,  deep, smooth and seductive. I feel like my throat and insides are being stroked with a furry glove whilst listening to a Barry White soundtrack. The finishing bitterness brings you back to more earthly matters, there is even a little resinous grassyness in the aftertaste to wallow in.

Unlike #1, this beer is right up my street, I willingly submit to its dark pleasures and will follow it wherever it leads! This is most definitely a Saint!

(Note : You can also find this beer in certain Tesco stores as an own label “Traditional Porter” 4 for £6 at the moment! That my chums, feels like shoplifting!)

On that note….’til next time (er…tomorrow for beer #3)


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