My #12DaysOfXmas – Day 6 – Courage Imperial Russian Stout – Wells/Young

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(Saints or Sinners?)

“On the 6th Day of Xmas, my true love sent to me…..”


Courage Imperial Russian Stout – Wells & Youngs

Firstly I was gutted. I seriously thought that I had a bottle of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout with which to commiserate myself following a beer free Xmas Dinner (the cask ale was Hobgoblin – enough said) – I checked the box that I had brought to Lincolnshire – Oh SHIT! I looked around for something a bit like a sleeping draught….hmmm…”That Courage Imperial Stout….Go on…give it a chance….Wells & Young?….Don’t be a snob!” This used to have a real reputation when I was a young drinker, this was a beer, that if you had a beer map, its territory would be marked “Here be monsters!” But that was then, this is….

Here we go then!

Black as a Wigan pitmans’ face after a 12 hour shift! Totally opaque. Beige tan head and a really boozy aroma redolent with espresso, bitter chocolate and fortified port wine. So far so good!

In the mouth, again, bitter coffee and chocolate, the alcohol comes through warming yet slightly harsh and lacking the finesse of say the recent Quantum Impy Treacle that I have had. The espresso lingers long after the swallow and there is quite a hoppy undertone in the finish. It’s quite a nice beer. I was expecting to unleash some vitriol on a big brewers beer, but this is quite OK, if lacking the finesse of others that I have had this year. And at 4 for £6 at Tesco at the moment, it’s certainly worth a swig!

On that note…’til next time…

Slainte! And Happy Xmas to all the daft buggers who read my wafflings!