My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 8 – Grand Cru by Rodenbach

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“On the 8th Day of Xmas, my true love sent to me….”



Grand Cru by Rodenbach

As I may have inferred on many occasions, I am no connoisseur of Belgian Beers. I have tried a few over the years, but Belgium hasn’t been a “go to” beer country for me, too many great beers in this country that I am yet to try really. That said, I intend to make an effort and try more in 2014. So, I might as well get started in 2013 eh? And with a beer, described by Michael Jackson – The legendary “Beer Hunter” (not to be confused with the Berlin baby dangler!) as a “World Classic”!

This is a deep reddy brown, with the hue (when held up to the light) of a rich red wine. The thin white head didn’t hang around and the aroma is slightly sour with cherries and more than a suggestion of a red wine bouquet. My oh my this is tart in the mouth! I wish I could video the faces that I must be pulling! Cherries, raspberries, blackcurrants, MAN this is fruity! After each and every sip I am drooling like a vampire over a virgins neck! Such a dry finish too (once the saliva subsides!). Tart, sour, fruity, massively refreshing. WHAT a beer! I better stop, because I don’t feel that I could come up with more words to do this beer justice.

I suppose, to summarise, there are a lot of UK  brewers (consciously avoids use of C word!) making sour beers. Don’t bother. You’ll NEVER match this. Superb

Guess I’ll be drinking more soon!

On that note….’til next time….


2 comments on “My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 8 – Grand Cru by Rodenbach

    • Cheers John! For the purposes of the blog, I think I will stick with reviews of UK beers. My USP really I suppose. However, for pleasure, I think that in 2014 I will try more Belgian beers and broaden my personal horizons. Probably need a guide…..

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