My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 9 – Black Forest Stout – Bah Humbug (Created by Dave Harrison-Ward – Homebrewer)

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“On the 9th Day of Christmas, my true love sent to me….”


Bah Humbug (Black Forest Stout) by Dave Harrison-Ward

I figured that for at least ONE of the 12 Days, that I’d chuck in a bit of a curveball. Something that nobody else would think of reviewing. Then I thought about the rather attractive bottle that I’d received in the post from out Macclesfield way/ Home of The Macc Lads and Redwillow Brewery (two that aren’t often paired together!) From the moment I received this, I loved it. The bold font on the plain but smart label, the slightly bog-eyed cartoonish cat. It just tickled me. I also lost my fear of home-brewed beer following on from the two really decent bottles that I got from Michael McGrorty, a nice fella and decent home-brewer from Stirling that I had the recent pleasure to meet.

Well then, what’s this little fella like! Well, very dark ruby – almost black – when held to the light. Lively chap too, despite the rapidly diminished head, the lively carbonation never gave up! A good (not overpowering) aroma of cherry too, like a semi kriek but without that sour touch.

In the mouth, this is medium-bodied and really rather smooth. The cherry flavour is what initially hits you, nice and smooth yet also with a nice understated tartness, just there in the background. Then the dark roasty malt and a gentle dark chocolate open the curtains and take a bow to get their applause. The finish is dry with just a ghost of fruit and chocolate like a phantom in the wings, whispering sinful chocolaty words into your ear.

This is a rather nice beer indeed. I suppose that the best I can say is that I’d happily hand over a few quid for a pint on cask. Damn fine effort!

On that note….’til next time….