My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 10 – Black Chocolate Stout – Brooklyn Brewery

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“On the tenth day of Xmas, my true love sent to me…..”



Black Chocolate StoutBrooklyn Brewery

Just look at that glass. That perfect creamy looking head. That head was exactly the same 10 minutes after I poured. Stunning beer to look at. As black as an Aleister Crowley mass and far more fragrant with rum, bitter chocolate and licorice tickling the nostrils.

I didn’t want to break that perfect head, but onward and upward! Oh shit but this is full-bodied and sinister! Rummy sweetness balanced with bitter coffee and chocolate, spicy licorice and spirit warmth. Then you get a fabulous and unexpected hoppy bitterness sweeping backward up your tongue and back down your nostrils. Oh this is good! With each mouthful I’m getting swept away by the creamy, bitter, spicy warmth to a dark spot where I am curled up with my glass, warm and as snug as a bug in that proverbial rug.

All the flavours of a Barrel Aged Imperial Stout without fanfare. This is a hell of a beer and the best I’ve had so far in these first 10 days. Did I mention that I like it?


On that note….’til next time…