My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 11 – All Day IPA by Founders Brewing

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“On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me….”



All Day IPA by Founders Brewing (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)

There I am, banging on about British Breweries, then I review 2 US Beers in 2 days! WTF!!! Well. ’tis the season of love, joy & goodwill to all beers. And I had been verbally assailed by how good this beer is by all and sundry, including a good buddy of mine whose US sensibilities I trust implicitly. One of the first beers that I bought from The Liquor Shop in Prestwich this (on a recommendation)….So, what’s it like….

Light copper to gold coloured with a nice tight white head and a lovely grassy and sugared grapefruit aroma, certainly more than you would expect from a 4.1% abv brew. This just smelt so lovely that my lips were drawn to the glass as if magnetised! A wee bit of fresh-baked bready sweetness is swiftly mounted by a gorgeous fresh zingy hops. Grapefruit upfront then a gentle bitterness.

This is about aroma and fresh flavour, not bitterness as in a lot of UK beer. Freshly mown grass follows as night follows day, just so refreshing! Founders call this a Session Ale and for the States this most certainly is. This really lives up to its name. It truly is a beer that is full of fresh early Spring/Summer flavours that you really could drink all day!

And, on that note…’til next time…(Day 12 – YAY!!!)