12 Beers Of Christmas (Day)

Sounds like my kind of Xmas Day!

Boozy Procrastinator - An Anti-Social, Social Drinker

My twitter feed has been a buzz with this #12beersofxmas recently.

Apparently as I’m a “beer blogger” and a reassuringly increasing amount of followers/following now includes people far more adept at it than I, it is something that appears to be a tradition.

Along with “Golden Pints” which I may also get involved in, though probably won’t.

Sensible beer bloggers are doing 1 beer each day (lets be honest, they are doing far more than that, they happen to have a specific 12 beers in mind), but seeing as the 25th of December has presented itself as a time to drink over an extended time it felt prudent to jump on this ale-powered ship and “get it out of the way” in one 24 hour period.

At first I thought I could try and do just local bottled beer, I could have done, but as I like my dark beers…

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