My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 11 – Bunsen – Atom Beers – American Brown Ale -5% abv


Deep brown beer with a ruby tinge and a light of white head. The initial aroma software fruit, chocolates and nutty, like a liquidised Snickers bar.

And that comes through in the first medium-bodied mouthful too. What initially tasted like raisin, morphed into chocolate and a full on nuttiness, with hazel & Brazil nuts. You got it, a fermented liquidised Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate bar!

There is one bit difference though. No Cadbury bar that I know of ever had a big hoppy finish! Drying the finish and landing a resinous punch in the 12th round! Just averting the judges score cards.

This, on draught, would be a proper Ale for a winters evening in front of a roaring pub fire. Shame Donkey isn’t around, he’d like this too!

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