My #12BeersofXmas – Day 2 : Radical – Rivington Brewing Co


Rivington Brewing are a brewery that intrigue me. This is the first bottle of theirs that I have had and I grabbed it one night recently in the excellent new Micro Pub Bunbury’s in Bolton. I bought it, because I had been hugely impressed by a Belgian Ale that they had casked at the little DuBFest in Horwich. It had been a while since something brand new shook me like that.

To this beer. It’s a moderate 4.9%, hazy gold (I deliberately tipped the yeast in) with a creamy white foam and a fruity nose with a distinctly Belgian yeasty banana split aroma with something more herbal – maybe a coriander hint.

In the mouth? Nice carbonation and really creamy smooth. Banana toffee and some sweet clove with a pronounced peppery note. This, my friends, is lush! With the second mouthful, the saliva glands are doing overtime! This is really refreshing with that banana toffee giving way to a little coriander leaf with the mouth drying on the swallow leaving you wanting another mouthful.

Don’t mind if I do!

I don’t know Ben particularly well, but each beer I have had has been superb. I want more….Rivington Brewing Co

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