My #12BeersOfXmas 2015 Day 10 : Mosaic Pale Ale – Mallinsons Brewery in Cafe Beermoth


So. I know this is normally for bottled beers. But I’m weak. Temptation called. Temptation had a name. Mallinsons Mosaic.

My admiration for their single hopped pale ales has no limit. So when I noticed it was on at this new Mancunian Beer Mecca, I had to.

So what have we got?

It’s really Pale. With a tight white creamy head just OOZING tropicality. Mango, passion fruit oh. Oh. Ohhh….

Oh my giddy aunt! This is magnificent!!! Really fruity and just so light…. A light biscuit glove in which the hops can punch their fruity message. And they do. Oh yes. They do.

This beer encapsulates everything that I love about Mallinsons. Masses of hops. Really light and refreshing. And bracingly bitter! Yum. Yum. And thrice YUM!

Get down to Cafe Beermoth and grab one. If you see this anywhere, get it.

Then thank me!

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