My #12BeersOfXmas 2015 – Day 12 : La Petite Toulousaine


So. Day 12. And horrendously, fashionably, late. And?

I thought I’d come back to Manchester. To this city’s Marquee Brewery. People can say – and vote for – whoever they like, but for me, that brewery is Marble. Tried and tested. Time and again, over years, not months.

So. What have I got? A lightly hazy golden beer, with a thin white head and an enormous aroma full of mango and grapefruit. Hugely tart and full of drooling promise. But can it walk that talk?

In the words of Salt’N’Pepa “Ooh, baby baby….” In other words, “Oh yes!”

Massively fruity, with grapefruit, lemon tartness and tropical mango, I’m reaching for the grass skirt and garlands of flowers for around my neck. It sure ain’t a pretty look, believe me!

At 4.7% abv, this is medium bodied with a really smooth carbonation, that fruit party eventually fades slightly and dances away, leaving a pleasing bitter finish and a sticky resinous aftertaste.

I want more. Always a sign of a good beer. And Marble do that.

Same time next year?

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