Having a Platform

This morning, this arrived through my letterbox. Immediately after taking this picture, I carefully tore it to pieces. And got angry.

The arrogance of the bastard. The man in question being Tim Martin, head of the Wetherspoon “empire”.

I wasn’t the only one to receive them….

And equally unwelcome….

This is not a political blog. Or post. However, for clarity, my politics are of the left and I was formerly both an activist and Trade Union rep.

But that isn’t the point here.

For some time, I have offered simple advice. If you want to say something controversial – or potentially offensive – DON’T use your commercial platform, or your business accounts. If you do, prepare to harm your business.

In the current on trade, JDW loom large as the bargain bin of draught beer. Buy cheap, sell cheap. With the prices being demanded off brewers by the chain, it makes zero commercial sense for small Micros to sell to Wetherspoon.

And I’ve seen their range on the handpumps narrowing to a “usual suspects” list. At least in the ones I’ve been in. Maybe he really believes in the nickname given his pubs.

And – obviously to Mr Martin – he doesn’t think that such propaganda will harm his business. Maybe it won’t.

I’ve been fairly ambivalent about Spoons. Colleagues and friends do occasionally ask to meet there. And I’ve never said no.

Hell. We’ve even had breakfast in “The Brexit Arms” (predictive text remembered!) morning after East West.

But not any more.

I hate the Wetherspoon business model. I detest the use of Zero Hours contracts.

I also loathe the use of his company to spread his anti-EU propaganda.

I don’t care if my friends and colleagues call me a snob.

I’ll never darken the doors of a Wetherspoon again.

7 comments on “Having a Platform

  1. Since the ban on dogs from all Wetherspoon premises, inside and out, and the continued support of CAMRA, I now no longer support neither organisation.

    • Bob. I always gave my vouchers away to a dear pensioner friend whose politics may differ from mine, but I still love him dearly for the good man he is.

      And I also am now no longer a member. Look forward to catching up with you soon.

  2. I’ve tried not to for a long time, not least due to their business practises, but my daughter likes going in them for some reason. I noticed that their range of beers has dwindled to a standard GK list plus a token local or two in the ones in my area and he’s making much of this not buying European wines and beers so my guess is a lot of producers and suppliers have started turning them down. I could be wrong but it did seem that get a beer into their festivals it had to be contract brewed now which can’t give smaller brewers a great return.

  3. When my liver starts behaving again, 11 weeks on Sunday on the waggon, but who’s counting. And a box of Malcome’s best bottles in my garage for Christmas and two stone in lost fat,,

  4. As much as I am a self confessed remoaner I agree that neither side of the argument should be voiced on the fringes if a ‘Spoons May, though I think it would make an interesting point if the cover was warning the dangers of a no deal Brexit would any of JDW’s clients take it on board. That’s without any potential damage to brewers & distributors due to increases in imports and availability of grain etc.
    It’s not being a snob having a dislike to ‘Spoons, without the frozen gammon there is also the standardised freezer food 😉
    Oh & the indentikit premises, the lack of any soul or individuality.
    I’m not a fan but I used to stick my head in when I had a thirty minute wait for a bus etc, see what international brewers were being dragged to Warrington & spend a penny & a couple of quid on a half. Don’t think I’ll be doing that no more.

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