My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 5 – Saisonniere by Urthel Brewery

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“On the 5th day of Xmas, my true love sent to me….”


#5 Saisonniere by Urthel (Ruisdede, West Flanders)

Not a brewery I am overly familiar with, this is the product of a Sunday lunch at Kosmonaut in Manchester (excellent bar/venue – just around the corner from Port Street Beer House) – there were a few Belgians on offer, so I made hay (it’s amazing the concessions from Atilla that a good Sunday lunch will procure – that sounded SO much better in my head!)

Pale gold with a light haze and an aroma with a slight yeasty spice, cream soda and a gentle fresh grassyness coming from a fluffy white head. Ooh…refreshingly tart (but not overwhelmingly so), that creamy soda flavour comes through, smooth as a Sinatra love song, gently fruity, tart with a fabulously bitter and unexpectedly resinous aftertaste. Quite spicy too. This 6% Saison is an unexpected belter and one I would be more than happy to snaffle on a night out. (Saint or Sinner? Result = Saint!)

Apart from Beer No 1 and that verminous Redbreast, I count myself lucky!

On that note…’til next time (It’s Chrisssssmaaaaas!)